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Furniture Protection Program
About Guardsman Plans

What are Furniture Protection Plans?

Nothing gives you more confidence and satisfaction than knowing that your furniture purchases will remain beautiful and valuable for as long as possible. With Guardsman® Furniture Protection Plans, you will have peace of mind knowing that your new fabric, leather, wood, and many other types of furniture are protected from accidental stains and damage.* These plans provide you with a furniture repair expert when you need one. Guardsman has a network of thousands of professionals across the United States and Canada who can:

– Food and beverage stains
– Household stains
– Ink stains
– Lipstick, nail polish, cosmetics
– Human and pet bodily fluids

– Punctures, rips, cuts, tears and burns in most leathers and fabrics
– Burns, heat marks, scratches, and gouges in wood
– Springs, frames, and certain mechanisms

*Not all plans cover all of these forms of stains and damage; some plans cover additional stains and damage. Plans vary by retailer. Please consult your plan or your retailer for specific information about coverage (including whether your plan offers replacement coverage) and exclusions.

How do I get a Guardsman Plan?

When you buy new furniture, your quality furniture retailer will offer you a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan. Our retailers will provide you with your Plan document at the time of purchase, or you may receive it in the mail directly from Guardsman. These Plans include (click on the plan to see sample plan language*):


This 5-Year Guardsman Fabric Plus™ Furniture Protection
Plan (“Protection Plan”) is a Service Contract between you
(as the original purchaser and consumer) and The Valspar
Corporation, through its Guardsman business unit
(“Guardsman”), 4999 36th Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49512,
the administrator and provider of this Service Contract.
1. If a stain or damage listed in the “WHAT IS COVERED”
section occurs during the term of this Protection Plan,
Guardsman agrees to provide Service (“Service”) as
outlined in the “SERVICE PROCEDURES” section
of this Protection Plan.
2. This Protection Plan is not a cleaning or maintenance
contract, insurance policy or your original manufacturer
3. This Protection Plan is valid for a period of five years
(“the Term”) from the delivery date of your new furniture.
4. This Protection Plan covers accidental damage from
handling, as listed in the “WHAT IS COVERED” section,
of a single piece or multiple pieces of new furniture up to
a maximum $12,000 in retail value.
5. This Protection Plan is only valid for new furniture that
was purchased at the same time as this Protection Plan,
and appears on the sales receipt as such.
6. This Protection Plan is non-transferable and not renewable.
7. You must retain this Protection Plan and the sales receipt
for both the furniture and this Protection Plan.

This Protection Plan provides Service for any of the following,except
for what is listed in the “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” section
of this Protection Plan:
Fabric Upholstered Furniture:
1. Any food or beverage stain.
2. Any human or pet bodily fluid stain.
3. Any puncture, cut, tear, or rip from a specific incident
or caused by defective furniture mechanism.
4. Any burn from a specific incident.

Failure to meet any of the following requirements can result
in a denial of Service under this Protection Plan. The furniture must
have been delivered and installed soil-free and damage-free
from the store where it was purchased. You must have
performed all routine and preventative maintenance, as
recommended by the manufacturer.
1. Any stain or damage must be reported to Guardsman
within five (5) business days of the date that the stain
or damage occurred. Notify Guardsman by calling
(800) 253-3957, or by filing a Service Request at
2. If a spill occurs, simply blot with a clean, dry cloth. If
you attempt to clean a spill, you must follow the cleaning
methods recommended by the furniture manufacturer,
which is to include pre-testing any product in a hidden area.
3. You must complete and return the Service Request Form
to Guardsman, along with a copy of the sales receipt and
a copy of this Protection Plan within 30 days after reporting
your stain or damage.
6371SD5E G1012

If Guardsman determines that the reported stain or damage is
covered under this Protection Plan, Guardsman will perform
one or more of the following:
• Guardsman may provide a cleaning kit or advice on how
to remove the stain.
• Guardsman may dispatch an authorized technician to
remove the stain or repair the damaged area.
• Guardsman may replace all or part of the affected area,
component, or piece of furniture. Dye lots vary
and furniture may fade over time, so replacements
may not exactly match the color of non-replaced areas.
• Guardsman may provide for a store credit at the original
store where purchased in an amount equal to the original
purchase price of the affected piece of furniture
(“Reselection”). Sectionals, dining chair groups, chair and
ottoman sets, or identical items with the same “SKU”
number will be considered a single item for purposes of
Reselection. Your Reselection store credit is only valid for
60 days after notification by Guardsman.
• Guardsman may offer a settlement amount up to the
original purchase price of the furniture.
• Replacement, Reselection, or settlement will complete your
coverage on this Protection Plan on the area, component,
or piece of furniture. Replaced or Reselected furniture is
not eligible for a new Guardsman Protection Plan.
• If you submit a covered claim for a stain or damage that
Guardsman is unable to repair and the particular store
location where you originally purchased your furniture has
closed, no longer carries Guardsman as a supplier, changed
ownership, or has stopped selling new furniture since your
purchase, Guardsman will give you a refund of the original
purchase price of this Protection Plan which will complete
your coverage under this Protection Plan.